Job offer: Director

We are looking for a director for our music label. WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU! – as support at AYE Films.

Our label got off to a great start in the music industry and is ready to deal with the future Artists and employees to grow and develop together. We have a film department that is all about filming with international artists for international films and commercials. We also have a lot of potential in this area and we strive every day for good cooperation.

We work with international artists and international companies for films and others also advertisements. Of course we also make music videos for our artists and plan the whole thing Set and much more yourself.

We are waiting for you
Now we are looking for new talents to support us in our new studio in Düsseldorf. We are looking for an intern or a temporary worker.

We expect
A disciplined way of working, independence and mutual respect in the workplace. Team spirit and teamwork are the be-all and end-all for us. Flexibility is very much in demand as we are highly motivated, expect a way of working that could lead to night shifts. Ambition is just as important as you should be able to manage projects. Also listening to music and merging film and music is one of the priorities.

Diverse area of ​​responsibility
Are you creative, do you watch movies and music videos from all over the world?
Are you interested in the latest techniques and do you have basic knowledge of techniques that can be used and can you apply them in films and music videos?
Do you know the work of the Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 program?

Job profiles
Then you might be interested in the following job profiles:
– Camera / light basics
– Cut
– Assembly
– film history
– Design principles
– composition
– Basics of film analysis