We are AYE Music

A music label based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The label was founded in 2018 by Umut Timur. After Umut Timur himself became famous as an artist, he did not want to be stuck with a record deal and therefore started a record label himself. Besides Umut Timur, Hasibe, Furkan Aksoy and Aylin are also signed to AYE Music.

We specialize in more than just the exploitation of music. We also like to actively contribute to live performances, management and the search for commercial partners for artists.

We guarantee fast processing of the content on the most important portals, both nationally and internationally, including Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. In addition, we have a professional royalty administration that delivers correct and specified statements and reports.

Umut Timur – Artist/Producer

Hasibe – Artist


Furkan Aksoy – Artist/Actor

Aylin – Artist